National Geographic Backyard Safari Kit | Source: The Toy Insider

You never know what you might find in your own backyard if you look hard enough!

Kids can let their imaginations run wild in the great outdoors with the National Geographic Backyard Safari Kit from Blue Marble. The safari gear includes a hat, a vest, a field guide with a pencil, a magnifying glass, a compass, a whistle, a pair of binoculars, and stickers, all packaged inside an eco-friendly compact box made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

The vest is designed to fit most kids between 4-6 years old, but you better believe I put that green-and-khaki bad boy on as a full-grown adult and it’s now the coolest article of clothing I own. Dressing the part of safari explorer really helps set the vibe for a summer full of adventures — even if the expeditions are taking place at home this year. The vest has four pockets, conveniently sized to fit all of the explorer gear, as well as zippers, straps, and hooks that kids can tie the objects to. The compass, the whistle, and the binoculars all have string necklaces attached to them so kids can wear them around their neck or secure them to the vest for easy access.

National Geographic Backyard Safari Kit | Source: Blue Marble

The gear is all functional so kids can really use the items as part of their observation activities to get hands-on with their surroundings, like reading the compass to figure out in what direction they’re going, or using the magnifying glass to get a closer look at a leaf or a ladybug. Explorers can feel free to get a close-up look and even roll around in the dirt because the vest is machine washable.

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The field guide contains educational information and activities to help kids interact with nature, including pages about flowers, trees, plants, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Each section includes a blank page where kids record their observations, as well as prompts to help guide them and make them think on a deeper level, such as “Describe the color, shape, and number of petals you saw on the flower,” “What was the insect doing?” and “What surprised you about the animal?”

The sticker sheet includes badge stickers for each section so kids can feel accomplished when they complete the activities. Plus, it’s rewarding to spend time outdoors and seek out different objects that kids might not have known were there in their own backyard all along.

Once kids start observing the nature around them, they’ll realize you don’t have to travel far to discover what makes our world so incredible — all you need to do is open your eyes and start exploring.

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