These books all come out November! | Sources: Simon & Schuster/Penguin Random House/North Star Editions/The Toy Insider

November is one of the longest months for kids in school. With the holidays on the horizon, thoughts of time with family and lots of good food fill kids’ daydreams. With these new books coming out next month, kids can focus that restless energy on reading a good story. 

Mihi Every After by Tae Keller tells a story of friendship and loyalty. Mihi Whan Park wants to be a princess, but when she finally gets the opportunity to be a princess with her friends Savannah and Reese, her dream isn’t as perfect as it seems and she has to choose between her friends and the fairytale land she found. Order the book here.

Unlikely friends Gladys and Jude come together in Looking for True to take care of a neighborhood dog, who Gladys names True Blue, that is being mistreated by its owner. Through the book, written by Tricia Springstubb, the two kids struggle with keeping True Blue a secret as their families can’t bring the dog in. Order the book here

In Daisy Woodworm Changes the World by Melissa Hart, Daisy is tasked with changing the world for the better for a class project. She decides to help her older brother Sorrel, who has Down syndrome, become a famous YouTube fashion star. The only problem is, their parents don’t want them having social media. Order the book here

Community plays a big role in Operation Final Notice by Matthew Landis as Ronny and Josefina both count down to the new year. Ronny’s family’s car is about to be repossessed and Josefina is stressing out about an audition for a fancy music academy, but the two rely on each other to get through. Order the book here

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Finally, Stellarlune is the ninth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities book series by Shannon Messenger. In this installment, Sophie Foster grapples with orders from a mysterious group, the Black Swan, when she knows that the answers to the secrets of the Lost Cities lie elsewhere. Order the book here.

These books will officially launch throughout November, but you can preorder them now. Get them at Amazon or your local bookstore!

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