New Exit: The Game Titles Are Coming This Spring for More Escape Room Riddles
Look for these new Exit games launching this spring. | Source: Thames & Kosmos/The Toy Insider

Thames & Kosmos is adding some new titles to its Exit: The Game series of at-home escape room games, including a version for younger players to join in the fun.

The Exit series of games are cooperative, puzzle-based experiences in which 1-4 players work together, escape room style, using clues and solving riddles to progress in the game. The games have all sorts of themes, each with its own riddles and puzzles unique to the different versions of the game.

Exit: Kids — Jungle of Riddles | Source: Thames & Kosmos

While the Exit games are usually geared toward tweens ages 12 and up, a new version is coming soon for kids ages 5-7. Exit: Kids — Jungle of Riddles will feature a riddle adventure in the jungle. The story revolves around players discovering a mysterious island where they find nine treasure chests, but the jungle animals are guarding the treasures. Players must solve the puzzles to open the chests, cracking the riddles together to win the treasure. Each round features six different types of puzzles that appear on illustrated cards. The puzzles are combined in new ways each round, giving players new gaming experiences every time.

Older fans of the Exit series also have new games to look forward to, including Exit: The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes. In this game, the famous detective has disappeared after he was named lead suspect in the murder of a journalist. Players must help Dr. Watson search for evidence, follow the clues, and solve the case riddle by riddle to clear the missing detective’s name.

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In Exit: The Professor’s Last Riddle, a  popular archaeology professor has passed away, leaving behind some postcards and a series of clues in place of a will. Players will embark on a global treasure hunt to solve the riddles with imaginary scenarios and uncover the professor’s legacy.

The latter two Exit games are recommended for kids and teens ages 12 and up. All of these new Exit titles will be available this spring for $17.95 each.

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