Four new Hogwarts sets are available now. | Source: The LEGO Group/the Toy Insider

The magic of Harry Potter appeals to all ages, just like the magic of LEGO.

The LEGO Group launched LEGO Hogwarts Moments last year with four building sets that recreate iconic Harry Potter scenes in the Hogwarts classrooms. Now fans can build and explore even more of the wizarding school with four more Hogwarts sets.

Hogwarts Magical Trunk | Source: The LEGO Group

The Hogwarts Magical Trunk takes the excitement of packing up for Hogwarts and turns it into a customizable building experience. Just like the Hogwarts students’ trunks, kids can add different house colors and stickers to make this LEGO brick truck their own. It comes with a large selection of minifigure parts so kids can build up to five characters from the Harry Potter movies or design entirely new students. It also includes accessories and furniture that kids can use to play out three of the movie stories: the Sorting Ceremony, a feast in the Great Hall feast, or a hang out in the Common Room. Accessories include the Sorting Hat, potions, a cauldron, a potion-making book, the Marauder’s Map, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, The Quibbler, goblets, cookies, a chessboard, and an owl. The 603-piece set is available for $59.99.

Hogwarts Hospital Wing | Source: The LEGO Group

Harry, Hermione, and Ron often find themselves in the Hospital Wing, and now kids can recreate those moments with the Hogwarts Hospital Wing set. The 510-piece set includes minifigures of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Madam Pomfrey, as well as details and accessories like a cart full of potions and candy, Skele-gro, a broken leg for Ron, and a clock tower with an adjustable clock. This set is available for $49.99.

Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class | Source: The LEGO Group

Look into the future with the Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class set for $29.99. This 297-piece set is shaped like a brick-built book and kids can lift the book’s cover to reveal the set of Divination class with all of its popular characters and enchanting features, including minifigures of Harry, Professor Trelawney, and Parvati Patil.

Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class | Source: The LEGO Group/the Toy Insider

Practice defense against the Dark Arts with the Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class set for $29.99. This 257-piece set is also shaped like a brick-built book to go along with the other Hogwarts Moment sets. When kids open the book, they can recreate the Defense classroom with potion bottles; a blackboard; a trunk (who’s hiding in there?); and minifigures of Hermione, Mad-Eye Moody, and Neville Longbottom.

Fans can collect and connect all of the Hogwarts Moment sets to create the ultimate display: Find them at LEGO stores or at mass retailers. All of these sets are recommended for kids ages 8 and up, and always remember: Constant vigilance!

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