A new shrinking capability is introduced in the update, allowing players to snap pics of giant Pokémon! | Source: Pokémon

While many Pokémon games are all about catching and combat, New Pokémon Snap is a more leisurely game for fans of all ages. Since New Pokémon Snap came to the Nintendo Switch this April, explorers have trekked through different areas to capture photos of Pokémon in their own habitats. Now, an update coming on Aug. 3 will introduce new elements to the game.

This update includes three new environments (and 20 new Pokémon!) to discover. Photographers are also getting an additional, magical feature: the art of shrinking. Players can transform into a tiny size, setting up their cameras in the blades of grass to capture photos of now-gigantic Pokémon.

The three new environments are vastly different from one another and can be explored both during the day and night. The Barren Badlands is dry and desert-like, filled with features such as geysers and gas-spewing swamps. As players research this area, they’ll need to keep their eyes open for any Pokémon hiding underground or in the rocky cliffs.

Watch out for Gyarados in the rapids! | Source: Pokémon

The Mightywide River is the hub for water action. It provides Belusylva Island with a nurturing water source, but don’t be fooled — this river quickly starts to rush. Photographers will need to work fast when snapping a pic, as Pokémon traverse through the roaring water and rushing rapids.

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Lastly, there’s the Secret Side Path that was previously only known to Pokémon. As not to disturb them, the shrinking capabilities of players’ NEO-ONE vehicles will automatically trigger in this area. Kids’ favorite Pokémon will suddenly turn gigantic as they explore them in their truly natural habitat. Players can hear their breathing and footsteps, and may even see new behavior from these creatures.

This update will be available to download on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems on Aug. 3, and all of this content is free for those who have already purchased the game. To keep the excitement going, be sure to watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of all three new environments and the shrinking ability of the NEO-ONE.

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