World of EPI is starting off the new year with 10 new dolls! | Source: World of EPI

2022 was a big year for World of EPI. With collaborations with Marvel and LL Cool J, the Black-owned doll company is thriving. Now, it has big plans for the new year, including at least 10 new dolls!

The latest additions to World of EPI’s doll lines are the Fresh Squad Platinum Collection and the Fresh Dolls Fresh Finity Wear. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, World of EPI’s dolls represent people of all races.

The Fresh Squad Platinum Collection (from left to right: Miles, Amari, Ian) | Source: World of EPI

The Fresh Squad Platinum Collection includes three new male dolls. Amari is an artist who sports a curly fade, brown jeans and a jacket, and matching yellow boots and a sweatshirt; Ian is athlete with an authentic afro and a black-and-purple ‘fit; and Miles is a musician wearing dreadlocks and a brown-and-gold ensemble. These 12-inch fashion dolls have 13 different points of articulation and are great for posing and imaginative play. The dolls in the Fresh Squad Platinum Collection are available for $39.99. Buy them here

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The Fresh Dolls Fresh Finity Wear collection (from left to right: Regine, Autumn, Moli, Keisha, Aniyah, Carissa, and Shanell) | Source: World of EPI

The Fresh Dolls Fresh Finity Wear collection includes seven new 11.5-inch dolls of varying skin tones and hair textures. Each doll has special interests like dance, travel, and government to go with their unique style. Kids can style each doll’s hair in braids, Bantu knots, ponytails, and more, or accessorize with different outfits. The different dolls in this collection are Aniyah, Autumn, Carissa, Keisha, Moli, Regine, and Shanell. The dolls in the Fresh Dolls Fresh Finity Wear collection are available for $17.99. Buy them here

For now, these dolls are all available exclusively at, but they will launch at major retailers including Walmart, Target, and Macy’s this fall.

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