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Hey, even ninjas can have bad days sometimes. But how do they deal with it?

Books from Ninja Life Hacks take kids ages 3 and up into the secret emotional life of the shadow warriors, while also teaching them tips and tricks for how to manage tough feelings in their day-to-day lives. Now, the brand is partnering with publisher Insight Editions to release new board books, activity books, and conversation decks that help readers develop confidence, resilience, and mindful expression.

Created by Mary Nhin in 2019, Ninja Life Hacks books each feature a character who has mastered an essential life skill, including Angry Ninja, Positive Ninja, Focus Ninja, and Anxious Ninja. The series currently has more than 60 paperback books. The collaboration with Insight Edition will launch next spring with six titles in three formats inspired by iconic book characters.

The Ninja Life Hacks Activity Books will feature titles with Confident Ninja, Earth Ninja, Positive Ninja, and Diversity Ninja. Confident Ninja targets confidence and self-esteem building, while Earth Ninja focuses on mindfulness activities to help ground kids. Positive Ninja shows kids how to manage negative emotions, while Diversity Ninja teaches compassion and togetherness through acceptance.

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The collection also includes a Mini Ninja Life Hacks Board Book featuring different emotional Ninja characters that teach a range of social-emotional topics. The Ninja Life Hacks Conversation Deck includes 52 cards and an accompanying booklet to facilitate family conversations about feelings, as demonstrated by Angry Ninja, Positive Ninja, and others.

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