Noodle Knockout Fine Motor Game | Source: Learning Resources

Parents, please try to ramen calm, because this new game from Learning Resources is noodles of fun!

The Noodle Knockout Fine Motor Game is an interactive game in which kids ages 4 and up can — you guessed it — build their own noodle bowls! The perfect addition to any play kitchen, the 67 toy pieces of Noodle Knockout include four sorting bowls, four chopsticks, 27 ramen toppings (ranging from eggs, peas, and peppers), and 20 noodles featuring two different lengths.

Little chefs can use these play ingredients for a host of different activities. Kids can freely construct their own ramen-style bowls to engage in imaginative play, or improve their cognitive skills by using the pieces for different sorting games. The set includes an activity guide that offers a range of various play-and-learn activities that focus on the development of early counting and color recognition skills.

For kids who are looking to upgrade game night, Noodle Knockout also includes a spinner and 10 double-sided order cards that players can use for three separate games: Ramen Buffet, Order Up!, and Ramen Chef Race. Each game is designed for 2-4 players and focuses on different developmental skills. Ramen Buffet, for example, challenges players to be the first to fill their bowl with four noodles and one of each topping, focusing on ingredient recognition. Kids may need a parent’s assistance to properly explain the game rules, or the whole family can try to play together.

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One of the biggest challenges of Noodle Knockout is using the chopstick to properly pack the bowls to avoid any spillage. Figuring out the best way to situate the noodles not only encourages problem solving and creative thinking, but also requires intricate hand movements that will improve kids’ fine motor skills.

Noodle Knockout’s versatility in its range of play and its educational benefits make it a SOUPer addition to playtime!

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