In “Galactic Goodbye,” the Craig of the Creek kids form a band. | Source: Cartoon Network

Bring on the toons!

The fall season brings cold weather with it, so make some hot chocolate and find the coziest blanket for a family watch party this November as new episodes head to Cartoon Network and HBO Max’s Cartoonito hubs.

Craig of the Creek is getting new episodes on Cartoon Network, one every day from Monday, Nov. 7 to Friday, Nov. 11. The creek in the fictional town of Herkleton, Maryland is full of adventure and wilderness (and tree forts, of course). Join Craig and his friends as they track down a missing dog, look into the future, and keep up with modern fashion. The five new episodes will premiere at 4 p.m. ET. 

King Tweety gives the little bird the opportunity to rule his own kingdom. | Source: Cartoon Network

Looney Tunes fans can tune in for King Tweety, coming to Cartoon Network as well. Tweety and Sylvester will have to learn to deal with the royal treatment after the disappearance of an island’s queen causes Tweety to be crowned as king. The movie will debut on the network on Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. ET. 

Cartoonito, a hub that targets younger kids on Cartoon Network, is also getting some new Looney Tunes content, starting with new episodes of Bugs Bunny Builders on Nov. 1. Four new episodes will premiere at 9:30 a.m. ET, featuring the Looney Tunes crew on construction jobs as they build everything from a new closet for Tibs Squirrel to a greenhouse for Petunia. 

Batwheels is getting its own new episodes on Mondays on Cartoon Network. Starting with “Redbird’s Bogus Beach Day” and “Cave Sweet Cave” on Nov. 7, and ending with “Batcomputer for a Day” and “Grass is Greener” on Nov. 28, the new episodes will debut at 10 a.m. PT. The show features talking vehicles that fight crime alongside the DC heroes such as Batman.

Batwheels‘ Poison Ivy is voiced by Kailey Snider. | Source: Cartoonito

The final Cartoonito offering is new episodes of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, premiering on Mondays at 8:30 a.m. ET on Nov. 7. Thomas the Tank Engine is the much-beloved fictional train with a long history, and this newer iteration of the character will face a power outage, a stink monster, and holidays preparations. Catch these new episodes every Monday between Nov. 7-28.

For those that favor streaming, HBO Max also has programming for kids and family to enjoy together. New Sesame Street episodes will launch every Thursday from Nov. 3-25. Kids can watch the Sesame Street characters search for the perfect paint for their mural in “Community Mural” or watch Rudy learn how he can help Abby in the garden in “Kind Rudy.”

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HBO Max is also adding more episodes of Bugs Bunny Builders, Batwheels, Craig of the Creek, and the movie King Tweety to its streaming platform throughout November. 

Animation is art both you and your kids can often enjoy together. So have a nice November even if the weather starts to get chilly with these upcoming cartoons!

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