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It’s time for the whole family and friends to put their game faces on! Laser tag has become a fun outing for kids looking to use all their energy with friendly competition, and Laser X blasters have made it possible to replicate this fun, active activity at home. The new Laser X Micro B2 Blasters from NSI International are designed for a budget-friendly, head-to-head battle!

This new set is made for kids ages 6 and up and comes with two small blasters to start a laser tag at-home journey. Before players get started, each shooter requires 3 AAA batteries, and insertion requires a screwdriver. After that simple setup, the blasters are ready, and kids can learn the basics for their laser tag battle.

The on switch on the side of the blaster lets players choose their teams and has three options: red, blue, or red/blue mix (neutral). This gives the option for big groups to play either as teams or individually. Then, there’s the trigger, which players use to blast opponents and to load the blaster. Players just need to press and hold the trigger for 2 seconds to reload, and each reload stocks the blaster with 10 shots. Kids can reload at any point in their laser tag game.

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Right above the trigger is the receiver. It detects the player holding the gun and acts as a target. It’s designed to register hits on most of a player’s front body, so try not to get hit there! Eight hits total, and you’re out. But for each minute that participants aren’t hit, they’ll get back one life.

The blaster makes it easy for players to keep track of their remaining lives and ammo using two flashing lights. The one long light on the front indicates how much health a player has. It starts off green, then slowly transforms into a red color the more they get shot. Once they’re hit eight times, the blaster goes dead and they’re out of the game. The second, shorter light at the back shows what team a participant is on and how much ammo they have. If they’re getting low on shots, the red or blue light will start flashing, meaning it’s time to reload. Got it? Good. It’s time to play.

Once the blasters are turned on, the teams are assigned, and the game begins, each blaster will emit a beeping sound every couple of seconds. This ensures that laser tag doesn’t turn into a simple game of hide-and-seek. Kids will have to be active to evade or chase others! Lighting is also really important. If it’s too bright, the laser blast range will decrease, so try to play outside at night or in a dimmer room. If kids choose to go head-to-head indoors, they need to be fully aware of their surroundings — beams can bounce off walls to hit opponents, and they can also travel through windows.

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As I began to play with my family and test out the shooting capabilities, I quickly realized how much active fun this set, or a collection of Laser X blasters, can provide for kids. Get a few of these packs, and you’ve got an all-out war at parties! I made sure to test out the length, so my mom and I sat 90 feet away from each other and fired: It worked! The only potential issue I noticed was how easy it can be to get people out of the game. There’s no cool-down time after someone gets blasted, so kids can potentially spam the trigger and take away half of someone’s health in the blink of an eye. But, honestly, that might just motivate kids to be more creative with how they play and maneuver through their battlefield.

Overall, the set-up was quick and simple. These blasters’ features easily replicated the feeling of a laser tag game and would make any night fun. As with all Laser X products, this set functions alone, but is also compatible with existing Laser X blasters and accessories. And for just $19.99, these Micro blasters offer a budget-friendly way to start or to build up an at-home laser tag arsenal!

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