Tech Deck Nyjah Huston Skatepark in action | Source: Spin Master

Six-time world champion skateboarder Nyjah Huston is sizing down his skatepark for some ultimate finger-shredding action.

Spin Master‘s Tech Deck line is helping kids ages 6 and up bring this skate hero home with a set inspired by Huston’s private skatepark. Additionally, this set is compatible with other Tech Deck X-Connect ramps, so fans can expand their setup for fingerboarding flips and tricks.

Tech Deck X-Connect Park Jump N’ Grind and Bowl Builder Sets | Source: Spin Master

The Tech Deck Nyjah Skatepark is a 9-by-12 inch set that features a two-story launch ramp, a quarterpipe, a rail, a six-set stair gap, and an exclusive Nyjah Huston board. Priced at $24.99, this Tech Deck skatepark is modular and compatible with the Jump N’ Grind and Bowl Builder X-Connect ramps. Both of those sets cost $14.99 and include interchangeable accessories, such as bowl corners, panels, and ramps — along with exclusive Daniel Lutheran and Enjoi skateboards.

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To add to the finger-shredding fun, Tech Deck is also offering a Play & Display set and a VS Series, priced at $29.99 and $7.99 respectively. The former is a transforming display case that shows off up to 24 boards, with a fold-out feature that converts the case into a ramp that has a funbox and rails to jump and grind. The latter is a two-pack fingerboard set available in three styles, each containing four collectible cards that show kids how to perform tricks and compete against each other.

The Tech Deck Nyjah Skatepark, Tech Deck X-Connect Park Jump N’ Grind, Tech Deck X-Connect Bowl Builder, and Tech Deck Play & Display case are currently available at Target and Walmart. The Tech Deck VS Series will debut later this fall.

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