Shiver me timbers!

One Animation is releasing a pirate-themed Oddbods special this Halloween, called Oddbeard’s Curse.

Oddbods is a non-dialogue comedy series starring seven quirky and colorful creatures who join together despite their differences. They unintentionally turn ordinary situations into extraordinary and hilarious events, celebrating their individuality every step of the way. In the Halloween special, Fuse is out fishing when he catches a treasure chest and loses a tooth. The mysterious chest is full of useless pirate junk, except for a shiny gold tooth — a perfect replacement for the one he’s lost. It turns out, the gold tooth belongs to the Dread Pirate Oddbeard, who won’t allow his stolen treasures to be re-stolen. Oddbeard and his crew of hearty misfits rise from the depths to Oddsville to reclaim what is un-rightfully theirs.

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One Animation is calling all young fans to participate in a contest to have their artwork featured on the special by submitting an original drawing of a pirate ship in the Oddbeard’s Curse: Draw A Pirate Ship competition. The contest is running all month long on the Oddbods Facebook page.

Oddbeard’s Curse will debut on YouTube Kids in October.

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