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homeschooling free resourcesKeeping kids educated and engaged at home can be stressful, but never fear! There are plenty of resources out there, whether you’re creating your own curriculum or looking to supplement one. If you need advice on how to set up a homeschooling space, check out Toy Insider Parent Charlene DeLoach‘s post here. Once you are set, then jump into these educational resources listed below!

Free Online Educational Resources

There are plenty of free resources available if you just know where to look. The following sites are offering free lessons, activities, crafts, articles, and more. Some have options for paid upgrades, but most can be accessed without a subscription.

Scholastic Home Learning: Day-by-day resources for at-home learning, all grade levels. Educational games for grades pre-K through 6.

PBS Learning Media: Standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more  for grades pre-K through high school. Educational games and videos for young children. Educational games, books, and videos for grades pre-K through 8. Educational activities, games, and resources for kids ages 4-12. Videos, lessons, and wonders to explore for grades Kindergarten through 12.

Ranger Rick, Jr.: Online access to Ranger Rick magazine, activities, crafts, and more. Free through June. A resource of articles, crafts, and recipes for parents from Kiwi Magazine. Educational activities and more for grades Kindergarten through 12.  Temporarily free. Online games and more for grades Kindergarten through 3. Physical education and wellness; offering physical education videos to get kids of all ages moving.

TimeForKids.comTime Magazine for Kids provides educational articles for grades Kindergarten through 6. Videos featuring actors reading children’s books, for grades Kindergarten through 5. : Videos, games, and more. Kids Discover online; english/language arts, science, and social studies lessons and activities for grades 3-8. Parents must sign up for a free account. Printables and free activities from children’s author Jan Brett.

free online homeschooling resources

Paid Services (Some Offering Specials or Freebies)

The following educational services are available for purchase, and some are offering discounts, freebies or specials (especially for teachers and schools). Be sure to check each site individually for their offers. Online learning platform and app for grades Kindergarten through 2, featuring educational games, videos, and more. Online learning platform and app for kids ages 8-12 that features fully immersive virtual universe features educational games, videos and more focusing on subject matters including math, language arts, science, and social studies. Features more than 7,000 books for all levels of readers ages 2-12, plus reading assessment tools. Streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks for grades Kindergarten and up. Literacy and science virtual learning resources for educators and parents. (and Dreamscape for Reading): SquigglePark is a reading skill-building online service and app for kids ages 3-8, and Dreamscape is a reading comprehension site and app for kids ages 8-15. A math learning program featuring interactive games and rewards to motivate children in grades Kindergarten through 5. A platform that allows teachers and homeschoolers to purchase and/or create digital activities for students. Boom decks are made up of individual digital task cards with multiple choices, open-ended answers, and clickable buttons. Adaptive math practice and assessments through fun gaming for grades 1 to 6.

online homeschool resources

Web Cams and Virtual Tours

Though kids are stuck inside, resulting in lots of field trips being canceled, go on a virtual adventure from the comfort of your own home! From museums to national parks, there’s something available for everyone, with no admission ticket required.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Dairy Farm Virtual Tours

Access Mars

Google’s Hidden Tours of Our National Parks

Houston Zoo Live Web Cams

Tour The Louvre in France

Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour

Anne Frank House Tour

Monterrey Bay Aquarium

Mt. Everest Web Cam Tour

The Virtual Rainforest

National Aquarium Tour

Tour just about anywhere with Google Earth!

Don’t forget to think outside the box. Learning doesn’t have to be traditional in a time of crisis. Go on a nature walk in your yard, make art with sidewalk chalk, or open up some traditional board games. You can also check out these 8 Educational Travel Toys.

For even more ideas and helpful links, be sure to read my post for Educational Activities at Home: Homeschooling Ideas at Your Fingertips. Check out Charlene’s post on her blog with tips for homeschooling as a working parent.

Then find more inspiration with these Toy Insider Parent Ideas. Remember, we’re in this together!

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