Whether you are looking for an Easter Basket filler, a fun springtime project, a cute gift idea, or something to brighten your home space, consider the ORB Sprouti Palz for all of those needs!

ORB Sprouti Palz are cute, stylized, fun-loving characters that sprout hair. They come in three styles, each with a different vibe and color face — one has earrings, another a mustache, and another has a nose ring — giving your pals a little personality.

Once you open the package, you have a palm-sized ball of pantyhose filled with grass seed. Following the directions, you soak the sock of seeds for about eight hours. Once fully wet, you place it in the included plastic vase with water inside it. The rope trim soaks up the water to continue to support your Sprouti’s growth. The directions suggest swapping out the water each day — a this reviewer found that she needed to refill the water each day. Plus, the container can easily tip, so we suggest placing the Sprouti on a water-safe surface.

Like most living things, it is best to place your Sprouti in a sunny place to speed up the sprouting success. After a week, you will start to see little blades of grass popping up all around your pal! Full growth should occur within three weeks and can continue to grow for longer. The fun part is that when your Sprouti sprouts, you can have fun trimming the tresses. Maybe a mohawk or a mullet? It’s up to you – you’re the stylist!

Sprouti Palz is the perfect desktop friend that anyone of any age can nurture, decorate, and style, and can also be perfect for kids’ activities and birthday gifts, too. Sold exclusively at Michaels, these ORB Sprouti Palz are designed for kids ages 5 and up, but the sproutin’ fun is great for the whole family.

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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