Dear YULU, did you name Pace Makers Extreme the way it is this because my heart rate increases astronomically while I play this?! Asking for a friend.

In this new party game, players must race the pace or face the shock. This fast-paced shock game challenges up to eight players ages 14 and up to think on their feet and outwit their opponents.

The game itself is lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to store or throw in a bag to bring to a friend’s house. It is a black disc with eight red prongs sticking out in which players will use to tap when it’s their turn. Sounds easy, riiiiiight? 😏 It’s more challenging than it seems!

The object of Pace Makers Extreme is for players to be the last one to correctly follow the pulsing light on the device to win. But, if players press the pedal at the wrong time, they will get shocked. Not just in the “OMG, I can’t believe I’m out for the round” kind of way—but the actual, literal, shock kind of way.

There are two modes of play, each with two different ways of getting eliminated from the game, either indicated by lights and sounds or the shock. In the first mode, players play rounds to tap their paddles clockwise prompted by sounds on the game, and players are out of the round if they tap too early, too late, or when it’s not their turn. In the second mode, the game is just one round and will continue as players slowly get eliminated. I would suggest playing a few practice rounds to get the gist of the games.

While an impending shock may just be the right motivation for some players to remain on high alert, the suspense is real with Pace Maker Extreme in the best way. Even if rounds last for seconds or minutes, just the sheer anticipation has everyone on the edge of his or her seats and super competitive—and if you know anything about me, I love competition.

The shock doesn’t hurt, but everyone feels it differently. My shocks stay only in my fingertip, but some of the Toy Insider team felt it all the way up their arms! It feels like when you build up static electricity and accidentally touch something that activates it.

The game starts slow, but quickly speeds up and requires more concentration than you would think. Players will need to pay super close attention to how other players are tapping their paddles as well, because the game can shift in an instant. If a player taps a paddle once, the pulse moves clockwise to the next players; twice, the pulse gets reversed and goes back to you; and three times, the next player gets skipped. If you’re not careful and tap when it’s not your turn or take too much time to tap—you will get shocked!

Want to take it to the next level? Be a little more ambitious and try to use one finger on both hands BUT criss cross your hands (oh boy, this messes you up!), or have fingers from the same hand on multiple pedals.

Pace Maker Extreme is an electrifying great time—but it’s not shocking because YULU always delivers some of the best for any game night.

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

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