Peppa Pig Tonies figure with a Toniebox | Source: eOne/Tonies

The only thing Peppa Pig might love more than jumping in muddy puddles is exploring new locations worldwide.

Peppa Pig, the lovable little pig from the Entertainment One (eOne) series, visited the U.S. for the very first time in the 4-part special called “Peppa’s U.S. Adventures,” which aired on Nick Jr. this spring. And now, kids ages 3 and up can go on the road with Peppa with new toys and books!

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This Peppa Pig theme couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as stay-at-home orders seem to be a thing of the past and nationwide lockdowns are lifting. More families are able to travel this year, so kids can gear up for a road trip or an airplane ride, just like Peppa.

Are you ready? Grab your passports and suitcases, and let’s go!

Scholastic’s Peppa Pig on the Road | Source: eOne/Scholastic

In Peppa Pig: On the Road from Scholastic, Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig have won a trip to star in Hash Brown and Super Potato’s new movie, which is all the way in Hollywood in the U.S. They fly on Miss Rabbit’s plane to New York City and take an RV out west all the way to California.

On the way, they visit other landmarks in the U.S. in the South before they make it in time to film the movie in Hollywood. Along the way, Peppa marvels at places and events she hasn’t been to before, like monster truck shows and deserts (which used to be oceans!).

This colorful storybook is 48 pages long, based on the 4-part “Peppa’s U.S. Adventures” special. One of my favorite parts is seeing how all the landmarks got Peppified in eOne’s recognizable style of animation. At the end of the book, kids can pull out a map of the U.S., which is filled with fun facts of some of the places that Peppa and her family visited.

Ages: 3+
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Peppa Pig Comes to America Sticker Book by Random House Children’s Books | Source: eOne/Random House Children’s Books

Random House Children’s Books’ Peppa Comes to America Sticker Book is another take on Peppa Pig’s adventures in the U.S. This activity book follows Peppa’s trek across the U.S. with accompanying activities, puzzles, and more.

I love that it comes with postcards for kids to actually send out or hang on their walls and a pretend passport for kids to really feel like they’re traveling with their documents. And, just like the name suggests, there are more than 50 stickers included of Peppa, her family, friends she meets along the way, and iconic images from the places she travels — like the Statue of Liberty, a New York City taxi, a Hollywood clapboard, and more.

Kids will keep busy going through the book and completing the activities, like fill-in-the-blank riddles, adding sticker signs to buildings, drawing challenges, and more. It’s perfect to take on a road trip to avoid the dreaded, “Are we there yet?” question.

Ages: 3+
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Tonies Peppa Pig figure | Source: eOne/Tonies

The Peppa Pig Tonies figure is a screen-free way for kids to immerse themselves in Peppa Pig stories. If you already have a Toniebox, simply connect the Peppa Pig figure to the Tonies app for kids to begin playing with it. Once kids place Peppa on the Toniebox, they will be greeted with the upbeat intro music and the familiar voice of the narrator from the series.

This audio collection features nine stories from the TV show, including “Peppa Goes Around the World,” “George’s Balloon,” and “Peppa Goes on Holiday,” for a runtime of an hour. The retellings feature funny stories, music, and special effects that kids will recognize from the series. Each of Peppa’s stories focuses on traveling and playtime with her family and friends, with other themes like friendship, family bonds, and giving back. The travel theme goes along with the fact that kids can take their Tonie figures and Tonieboxes on road trips this summer.

Note: You must already have a Toniebox for the compatible figure to work! Click here to read out full review of the Toniebox Starter Set.

Ages: 3+

No matter where she goes, kids are guaranteed lots of snorts and giggles when they travel with Peppa Pig. And, of course, muddy puddles. Adventure awaits!

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