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Are you ready to go on a holiday with the Pig family? 

Designed for preschoolers ages 3 and up, Peppa’s Family Motorhome is a two-in-one toy from Hasbro that converts from a vehicle into a multilevel RV playset, perfect for recreating moments from the iconic Peppa Pig series.

The motorhome packs in lots of open-ended play value. It includes four Pig family figures, including Mummy, Daddy, George, and Peppa, so kids can imagine fun vacation scenarios. The figures all have movable heads, arms, and legs so kids can place them in different positions, and they are super lightweight and easy to stand or sit anywhere within the set. 

In vehicle mode, kids can roll the motorhome along as they imagine heading off to their next holiday destination. Then, they can snap open one side of the motorhome to open it up into the RV playset, complete with multiple rooms and a floor to extend the vacation fun. 

Source: eOne/Hasbro

Kids can bring things to the next level using the 13 themed accessories, such as a campfire, a toilet and a sink for the bathroom, and two little chairs perfectly sized for the included figures. 

And with this playset, there’s more than meets the eye! The pool flips over to become a little picnic table, kids can lift up the canopy on top of the motorhome to hand the hammock for a relaxing afternoon, and open and close the little pretend oven. The benches also flip over to become a bed, and the bunk beds in the upstairs room pull-down or close flat. The play possibilities are endless. 

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While the Motorhome is a pretty classic playset overall, it does have a few bells and whistles. Kids can press the steering wheel to hear familiar music from the show, and hear Peppa say cute catch phrases like, “We’re going on holiday!” and (every parent’s favorite phrase), “Are we nearly there yet?” 

If you know any pint-sized Peppa fans, this playset is perfect for them. Not only is it loaded with figures and accessories, but it also features colors and images from the show that will make kids feel like they are reliving the on-screen magic. Peppa’s Family Motorhome is great for role-play experiences and imaginative adventures with the entire Pig family. 

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