Pictionary has gotten a high-tech upgrade! In Pictionary Air 2, players can play the original drawing game from Mattel by sketching clues in the air and seeing them on a device or cast to a television. 

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Pictionary Air 2 comes with one light pen and two device stands. Gameplay is incredibly easy. Simply download the free Pictionary Air app on an iOS or Android smart device and watch the quick, easy-to-follow tutorial before starting to play. Pro tip: You’re going to need two devices in order play this game! Then separate yourself into two teams for some friendly competition.

Kids can experiment with two different ways to set up their play space. They can draw without seeing the image and have their teammates watch from the opposite side, or they can draw while seeing the screen and have their teammates on the same side. When I played Pictionary Air 2, I experimented with both options. Being able to see the screen is definitely easier and might be the better option for beginners and younger players. 

A cool feature of this game is the light pen, which is able to not only draw the image, but also add points and erase. If a player happens to make a mistake while drawing, they can press the eraser button. However, this will end up clearing the whole image, so they might not want to press the button for minor mistakes.

Another fun aspect of Pictionary Air 2 is the interactivity of the clues. Unlike traditional Pictionary, when kids are drawing in the air they can interact with their images. For example, for the clue “scuba diving,” kids can draw a scuba mask in front of their own face. 

The Pictionary Air app comes with five starter clue packs: the Mega Pack, Easy Kid Clues, Sports & Activities, Animal Kingdom, and Food & Entertaining. Players can unlock even more clue packs with in-app purchases, such as Easy Kid Clues 2, Rainbow Unicorn Party, and Movies & TV.

Pictionary Air 2 puts a new twist on the classic party game. Not only will kids enjoy playing the game, but adults can join in on the fun, too!


The original drawing game gets a high-tech boost with Pictionary Air 2! Sketch clues in the air and see them on a device or cast to the TV. Now, with this Pictionary 2 update, players can add points and clear the screen using the pen. Kids can also download digital clue packs for all ages…

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