Piñata Smashlings, the smash-hit video game available on gaming platform Roblox, will soon make its presence known in the hallowed halls of Chuck E. Cheese!

Kids will be able to get a sampling of a forthcoming line of trading cards, stickers, and collectibles from Toikido (the company behind Piñata Smashlings) and Panini Group (a major producer of licensed kids’ products) at Chuck E. Cheese Nov. 11 and 12.

Exclusive Chuck E. Cheese character card. | Source: Panini

The kids’ entertainment venue chain will offer (in limited quantities at participating locations) trading card and sticker packs. Each pack will feature a unique code for in-game Roblox redeemables and four holo-foil collectible Smashlings cards, which will include exclusive Chuck E. Cheese character cards.  

Additionally, kids who find one of 10 ultra-rare gold Chuck E. Cheese cards in these sampling packs will win a Piñata Smashlings prize pack and a Chuck E. Cheese party!

The first physical toys from the digital phenom will hit shelves this fall, while this full line of toys from Toikido and Panini — which includes a trading card game, a collector’s album, starter packs, display boxes, and tins — will be available in 2024.

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