Kids can develop, design, and use this toy as decor! | Source: Luki Lab

Kids can let their creativity soar when they build and play with the Pinxies Hot Air Balloon from Luki Lab. While building the toy, kids can develop their imagination and storytelling skills, too.

The 135 pieces that comprise the set are waterproof plastic panels with various graphic designs held together with plastic building links. The set also comes with a character called Koral, featuring two interchangeable expressions. There are also two pets and a sticker sheet for decorating!

Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon | Source: Luki Lab

It takes about an hour for kids to construct the Butterfly Hot Air Balloon, and once completed, it stands around 18 inches tall! Kids can also use the pieces to build other design ideas. The set is compatible with all Pinxies building sets for even more opportunities to create one-of-a-kind objects. Pinxies sets also have a STEM authentication, so kids will learn to expand their imagination, play creatively, solve problems, and hone early construction skills with any set they choose.

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While kids can play and develop stories, they can also use the finished product for a play and display piece. The top of the set has a rounded plastic disc that makes it easy for a grown-up to hang the object from a ceiling for room decor. Kids could also intertwine fairy lights and let the battery pack rest in the balloon’s basket for a unique light-up object that could also act as a night light. Parents may consider even using a couple of Pinxies Hot Air Balloons as centerpiece decor at a themed party. The basket can even hold treats, like candy or gumballs.

From play and parties to decor and design, there is a lot of potential for play and display with this unique building toy!

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