Saddle up and get ready to build, decorate, and play with the Pinxies Unicorn Barn from Luki Lab. This more-than-240-piece playset guarantees hours of creative and STEM-based fun. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this set may seem overwhelming at first, with 240 pieces including building pieces, pop-out cardboard set pieces, character figurines, stickers, and more. Don’t fear: The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Building the actual barn involves many building pieces and may take an extended period of time for non-experienced builders. Younger kids may also need an adult’s help interpreting some of the instructions and finding the correct piece to use. Some parts can also be tricky to attach together and require more force and effort to put together!

Building the barn develops kids’ concepts of engineering, making this a great toy for stealthy STEM skill-building! Kids will also learn problem-solving techniques as they follow the various instructions effectively and accurately. Just be careful with all those small pieces to make sure they don’t get lost! The final result is a beautiful barn, complete with a hanging chandelier, flower boxes in the windows, openable doors, and so much more.

The fun does not end once the barn is built! The set also includes materials and instructions for building three unicorns: Crystal, Agnes, and Flynn. The various components make the magical creatures 3D and able to stand on their own. This set also comes with three friends — Koral, Lila, and Finn — who take care of the unicorns and tend to the barn. Each character comes with one body and two interchangeable heads for different emotions and scenarios. 

There are also other simple builds to add to the barn, including a fence, barrels, hurdles, buckets, and troughs. Kids can assemble their builds into an obstacle course for their unicorns! Once the unicorns are tired out, kids can explore the additional accessories included such as treats for the horses, gardening tools, and additional plants for outside the barn. 

Once kids are satisfied with their barn build, creativity takes over as kids imagine their unicorns and humans in hundreds of different scenarios. The various accessories and customizable features ensure hours of creative play. Kids can even break apart their builds over and over again and get something new! The cardboard barn pieces are reversible with different colors and designs on each side for endless architectural possibilities. The set also includes stickers for an added layer of customization to spark kids’ creativity. 

The best part about this toy is that although the build is a complex project, it is so rewarding to finish! Plus, the play continues long after the build is done. The pieces are kid-friendly, too, with picture-based and color-coded instructions. Kids can even use the building pieces to construct their own creations; the opportunities for fun and innovation are limitless.

This toy is perfect for any kid interested in building, unicorns, and everything in between. It develops kids motor skills, STEM concepts, and creativity. Build a barn, train unicorns, plant a garden, and so much more with the Pinxie’s Unicorn Barn!

Plus, the Pinxies fun doesn’t stop with the Unicorn Barn. There are four additional Pinxies sets (sold separately) that kids can build to expand their magical Pinxies world.

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Julia Fields

Julia Fields

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