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Breyer and Epic Media are collaborating to bring Piper’s Pony Tales off the screen and into living rooms! Piper’s Pony Tales is a YouTube series that follows Piper and her friends as they go on fun adventures with their ponies. Kids can live out those adventures through Piper’s best friend Casey and his stallion Tuck in a new playset from Breyer.

In the YouTube series, Piper uses her brainpower and imagination skills to create adventures with her fellow saddle friends, Casey and Paloma. Casey is Piper’s adventurous neighbor who learns from Piper and Paloma. He may not be a horse expert, but he is always ready to tag along and explore as long as Tuck is by his side.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Piper’s Pony Tales playsets feature Piper and her two best friends with their respective horse companions. The sets are sold separately and include a 6-inch-tall rider, a pony, a brush for grooming after a long ride, and a sticker sheet.

Piper’s Best Friend, Casey | Source: Breyer

Casey is equipped for fighting bad guys with his stylish brown boots and detachable cowboy hat. With one hoof bent, his horse Tuck is ready to go wherever the wind takes him with his long flowing mane blowing in the wind. Casey’s saddle is decorated with stars along the front where the matching horseshoe medallion is positioned on all three of the horses. His matching blue jean jacket and bottoms move seamlessly with him as kids position him on and off the saddle. In addition to play, this toy also makes a great addition to childhood bedroom decor for kids that are into cowboys or horses.

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Just like Piper does in every episode of Piper’s Pony Tales, kids can use their imagination to make Casey and Tuck a knight and stallion one day and a heroic prince saving the princess the next. The back of the box outlines the shape of a corral that kids can cut out to use as a stable for Tuck to prance around in.

Piper’s Pony Tales playsets are a friendly reminder that bigger imaginations can only lead to more fun!

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