Play-Doh is one of the most classic toys of all time, but the preschool staple is getting an incredible digital upgrade.

The Play-Doh Touch app and the Play-Doh Touch Shape To Life Studio, from Hasbro and ustwo Nordics, let kids mold physical Play-Doh creations and bring them to life inside the app, which is designed for use on iOS devices.

A timeless toy for kids, Play-Doh inspires creativity and imagination, but the new Touch app brings things a step further by engaging kids and encouraging them to keep creating.

Kids can start by shaping a character using one of the digital stampers, which include a dinosaur, a jellyfish, a monster, a turtle, and a snail. The digital stampers are perfect for kids who need a little inspiration help, but free spirits can also forego the stampers and create anything they can imagine using the seven included cans of Play-Doh compound. Once their creation is complete, kids can quickly scan it into the app, and watch it bounce to life. The app animates kids’ characters in a truly unique way, recognizing its legs and facial features and even giving it an adorable voice.

Kids can slide their fingers along the screen to move their character through the white and grey world, collecting shining bits along the way. The shining, plain landscape provides the perfect place for kids to add their inventive touch to this world. As kids stumble upon Play-Doh cans, they can either create new characters to tag along on their adventure, or they can scan in creations to customize the environment.

When I scanned in my sun character, a twinkling effect took over the screen, and rocky mounds and bumpy, leaning towers of orange Play-Doh took over a small section of the landscape, with smiling suns bursting to life in the form of giant, oversized trees. Then, I scanned in a cute little cactus, which brought a green and prickly backdrop to life right next to my sun world.

Kids can duplicate their favorite characters, add in wacky effects, and continue to build their Play-Doh world until they have an app that is 100-percent custom made, a pure reflection of their personal, inventive imagination. In addition to the digital stampers, the set also includes action stampers that inspire your characters to dance, spin, fly, and more. Plus, there are seven cans of Play-Doh, tools like scissors and a roller, and 15 cutters in the shape of a star, a palm tree, and more, which kids can use to enhance their environments or a basis for additional characters.

One of the saddest parts about finishing a classic Play-Doh session is squishing all of your creations back into their cans, effectively undoing all of your hard work and squashing your imagination. But with Play-Doh Touch, kids’ creations live on long after the physical Play-Doh is put away. Kids can save up to three different files per device, and each file can contain practically limitless worlds of Play-Doh fun.

The fusion of physical and digital play is so seamless with Play-Doh Touch. The app encourages kids to keep creating with the Play-Doh, and also keeps them engaged on screen with easy and adorable gameplay, perfect for preschoolers. The app also does not require any reading, so kids will have no problem navigating their way around this doughy adventure.

Play-Doh Touch gives kids a unique digital experience that enhances imagination and creativity. Easily one of the most impressive examples of tech-enhanced classic play I have ever seen, this is a must-have for any tech-savvy preschooler.

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