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Let’s head to the zoo! The Playmobil Large City Zoo is a wild build-and-play experience for preschool-aged animal lovers.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this set is part of the Playmobil Family Fun collection that features miniature city life staples. The zoo is 4.92 inches tall and 23 inches long and builders can set up the habitats and attractions however they desire (as long as no humans end up in the lion habitat) to create a worthwhile experience for zoo visitors. The set includes wildlife habitats, zookeepers, and all the adventurous wonders needed to turn a bunch of random pieces into a zoo attraction that kids would enjoy visiting themselves.

The wooden path in the middle of the zoo curves behind the vibrant welcome sign, allowing zoo visitors to view attractions from both sides in an open layout. Kids can decorate the entrance using the stickers provided. The set includes penguin and giraffe figures, and there are stickers for labeling the cages of tigers, zebras, lions, monkeys, and flamingos (oh my!). Kids can increase the size of the zoo by purchasing additional animal figures. The set also includes six human figures that kids can use to role-play as zoo employees and visitors.

Large City Zoo Gift Shop | Source: Playmobil

The zoo comes with a penguin habitat with a chilly, blue stream for the black-and-white waddlers to frolic in. When visitors are done watching the penguins belly flop into the water, they can head to the giraffe habitat, which comes with a bucket for feeding the spotted giant as it relaxes under the shade of the tallest trees in the zoo. The playset also comes with a zoo gift shop full of balloons featuring the faces of a fox, a tiger, and even one shaped like a penguin.

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The playset is great for imaginative play! Kids can get creative naming the animals in their zoo while learning more about the habits of different animals in the instructional booklet. Kids can imagine setting their own gift shop prices, selling merchandise, or playing zookeeper, cleaning up after the animals or assigning tasks to their employees to ensure that the zoo is always a five-star consumer experience. The employees can use items like the shovel and wagon to easily transport products across the bridge to complete tasks and keep the zoo nice and tidy!


Large City Zoo zookeeper | Source: Playmobil

The Playmobil Large City Zoo is most fun when built with family and friends. Smaller family members can decorate the zoo with stickers and the little flowers that come in the kit after older family members connect all of the pieces to bring the wild to life. Once everything is set up, kids will want to keep adding to their zoo to eventually build an attraction that beats every other zoo in their Playmobil city.

Equipped with vibrant wildlife and a thoughtful design, the Playmobil zoo is a fun, imaginative play experience for the whole family to enjoy.

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