Banana Mooshake, Strawberry Wawa, Strawberry Mooshake, Fairy Uni-Wawa, and Bumble Wawa | Source: Cuddle Barn

The adorable #PlushGoals plushies from Cuddle Barn are now available at select Claire’s locations for $19.99 each. These soft and cuddly companions make the perfect gift for kids. 

Shop from a selection of five plush styles: Banana Mooshake, Fairy Uni-Wawa, Strawberry Wawa, Bumble Wawa, and Strawberry Mooshake.

Banana Mooshake features a yellow-and-white cow dressed up as a milkshake glass, complete with whipped cream, bananas on top, and a straw. Similarly, Strawberry Mooshake is a pink-and-white cow cup with all the delicious fixings on top.

Fairy Uni-Wawa is a light purple half-frog, half-unicorn with a winking expression on his face. Details such as his spiral unicorn horn and twinkling stars on his belly make a magical touch.

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Strawberry Wawa is a frog made to look like a strawberry with seeds spotted around his body. He wears a frustrated expression because people keep trying to eat him. Bumble Wawa is a yellow half-bee, half-frog with a striped brown-and-white belly. His two black antennas rise above his head.

Kids can take a picture with their plushies, post it to Instagram, and tag @plushgoals with the hashtag #PlushGoalsatClaires for a chance to win Wawa the Froggie and Mooshakes. The #PlushGoals plushies are also available at for $24.99-27.99.

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