Parents who are hankering to transition kids’ video game habits into physical playtime have a new helper: PMI Kids’ World announced an upcoming line of Piñata Smashlings toys!

For those unfamiliar with Piñata Smashlings, fear not: The line does not involve messes or candy like the name might imply. Rather, the Piñata Smashlings collection is based off of the buzzy Roblox video game by Toikido Entertainment, and comprises several types of toys and playsets (that aren’t papier-mâché and confetti).

Among those categories are blind boxes. There will be individual mystery boxes with a total of more than 70 1.5-inch collectible Smashling and Bashling figures, as well as Piñata Smashlings Blind Box Plush, each containing one of six 5-inch Smashling plushies.

In addition to the mystery boxes, there are four individual, articulated Piñatas kids can collect that come with a hidden figure inside the piñata!

A first look at the Piñata Smashlings toys | Source: PMI Kids’ World

The PMI Kids’ World’s collection will include several multi-packs for hardcore fans. There’s the Piñata Smashlings vs. Bashlings 8-Pack Deluxe Box, the Piñata Smashlings Figures 12-Pack Deluxe Box, Piñata Smashlings Rainbow Whale Playset (featuring multi-point articulation with four Smashlings, three of which are hidden figures), and a Piñata Smashlings Party Bus Playset with three party accessories, two removable speakers, a disco ball, and four Smashlings, including two hidden figures. Lastly, the line will include a Piñata Smashlings Yum Yum Playset with three foodie accessories and four Smashlings, including two hidden figures.

All the toys in the collection come with a QR code that will allow the little hybrid gamers access to exclusive in-game content, bridging the gap between their physical and digital playtimes.

And PMI Kids’ World is thinking what you’re thinking: The line will be available in the U.S. and Canada at Walmart, Macy’s, Meijer, FYE, and Five Below in late September, just in time for early-bird holiday shoppers.

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