Polly Pocket Season Four: Summer of Adventure debuts on April 1. | Source: Mattel Television

Where do mermaids, alien turtles, pocket-size humans, and the coolest purple Sasquatch in the galaxy go to party it up? At Area Fifty-None on the Polly Pocket animated series!

Mattel’s animated series based on the popular Polly Pocket toy line is returning to Netflix for Polly Pocket Season Four: Summer of Adventure. Polly, Shani, and Lila are kicking off their summer vacation with new adventures and Tiny Power quests in the latest season from Mattel Television and WildBrain. Season 4 follows Polly and her pals during their summer break as Polly takes her friends along to explore her magical shrinking power and go on missions like creating a hot chocolate delivery business, competing in the Littleton Games, attending a birthday bash on the beach, and celebrating Pluto Day at Area Fifty-None.

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We at the Toy Insider have an exclusive clip of the Pluto Day festivities, where Polly and Shani score guest passes to the celebrations! In this episode, the girls arrive at the secret facility ready to celebrate, only to find that the party planners — Bigfoot and Fred the Leprechaun — are in the middle of an argument and haven’t finished planning! Polly and Shani “go tiny” to save Pluto Day and help a very tall Bigfoot and a very small Leprechaun learn to see things from each other’s perspectives.

Season 4 will premiere on Netflix with 13 episodes on April 1, with more episodes to follow in a second installment later this year. The new season aims to teach young girls that they can be independent, brave, confident, and resilient while sharing supportive friendships and discovering themselves along the way, just like Polly and her friends. Fans can also catch up on the first three seasons of the show on Netflix, check out the Polly Pocket YouTube channel for more exclusive content, and collect Mattel’s line of Polly Pocket playsets and other toys to complement the series.

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