Pomsies will tell you what they want, what they really, really want.
They’ll tell you what they want, what they really, really want.
Pomsies really, really, really wanna zigazig ah.

Cats and dogs are cool pets and all, but do they have eyes that glow different colors to tell you how they’re feeling? Can you wrap them around your wrist or wear them on your backpack or in your hair? Can you play freeze dance with them? I’m pretty sure you can’t, but if I’m wrong, you should probably go to the vet or something.

Pomsies, from Skyrocket, are the interactive pet that you can cuddle, wear as an accessory, and play games with. They look like giant pom-poms with big sparkly eyes and ears, and a long bendable tail that can be attached to things to take them on the go. Pomsies are available in six characters.

There’s more to Pomsies than just a pretty face. There are two ways to play—Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode.

When you first turn on Pomsies, they are in pet mode. There are hidden sensors built into the plush that make them react to touch and movement. Their eyes change colors to show their mood, and they come with a convenient chart that shows how to take care of them.

Teal eyes mean they are happy—pet their back, touch their head and mouth, tap their nose, or shake them to interact. They will purr, vibrate, and giggle. Press their mouth and back at the same time and they might let out a toot! It happens to the best of us.

Yellow eyes mean they are hungry. Feed them by pressing on their mouth area. They will make nom nom noises and sometimes even burp. Feed them too much and their eyes will turn green, meaning they have the hiccups. Shake them to make the hiccups go away.

Blue eyes mean they’re not feeling well. If they are sneezing, tap their nose to make them feel better. If they are coughing, cover their mouth to avoid spreading germs—no one wants to catch those Pomsies cooties. If they are shivering, hug them and touch their back to warm them up.

Pink eyes mean they are feeling giggly. Tickle them to get all the sillies out.

Rainbow eyes mean they are SUPER HAPPY! As you care for Pomsies, their eyes will glow rainbow. After five rainbows, they will surprise you with a happy song. Shake them to the beat of the music or speed up their jingle by shaking faster.

We all need a dance break every now and then. That’s where freeze dance mode comes in. It’s like a game built right into a plush. Press and hold the nose for one second to switch to dance mode, which will show up as purple eyes. When the whistle blows, shake Pomsies to the beat of the music. The faster you shake, the faster the music plays. When you hear another whistle, FREEZE!

Kids can play alone or with friends, and it’s more portable than most other games because it’s one single piece (two, if you want to bring along the brush that comes with it, which can attach onto the tail).

Pomsies are a fun companion for kids, with up to 50 different reactions that’ll keep kids interested for the long haul. They’re also a great starter pet to teach kids how to care for an animal without quite as much responsibility.

Tell us what you want, Pomsies. We’re all ears and ready to dance!

Pomsies will be available soon!

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