There are no buts — or rather, butts — about it: Poopchi’s Friends plush animals are soft, cute, and very silly!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these small, stuffed creatures from Grin Studios may look adorable and unassuming at first, but there is a hidden element to these animal friends, which are a part of Grin Studio’s larger Poopchi Plush line. Inside each Poopchi’s Friend’s stomach, there is a squishy ball filled with colorful, glittery, slimy liquid. When kids give the Poopchi a squeeze, some of that glittery ball pops out of a hole in its bottom to resemble an unusually colorful poop. 

This silly surprise is sure to be a hit with any kid who gets a good laugh out of things that are a little bit gross. Kids can surprise friends and family with the glittery poop visual, and then they can enjoy the tactile experience of squeezing the Poopchi over and over. These make a fun treat, gift topper, or gag gift, with a novelty factor that is well-matched with the $5 price point. 

For kids who are motivated by collectibility, the Poopchi’s Friends line includes a variety of animal styles to choose from, including a unicorn, a squirrel, a lamb, and a hedgehog. Each animal has a different colored squeeze ball inside and features a unique name, birthday, and silly saying on the tag. Fancy the unicorn, for example, was born on Christmas!

When we tested them, the squeeze balls inside the Poopchis were very resilient to pulling, prodding, and intense squeezing. However, it is important to remind young Poopchi lovers that there is liquid inside these plush pals, so they should stick to using the toy’s squishy feature only as intended and not apply extreme pressure to the interior squish ball.  

It is possible to remove the squeeze ball from inside the Poopchi, but it is basically impossible to get it back inside. The bright side, if kids do remove the ball? Now they have a cute plush friend AND a colorful stress ball to play with!

These quirky, collectible, glitter-pooping friends will be available this spring from major retailers.

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Madeleine Buckley

Madeleine Buckley

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