The Pop It! Pro keeps kids occupied through fidget challenges at home and on the go. | Source: Buffalo Games

Fidget toys, specifically Pop Its, have been the hottest toy craze lately. The satisfying sensory toy is available in all shapes, sizes, and colors — and now it’s finally available as a game!

The Light Up Pop It! Pro from Buffalo Games challenges players ages 5 and up to be the fastest poppers through three modes of gameplay. The hand-held toy comes with a “screen” consisting of bubbles that kids can pop and reset. Pushing the back button will trigger the bubbles to light up while playing sounds associated with different games. Players can control the volume of the toy before playing by using the three bubbles on the bottom.

Watch the Pop It! Pro in action! | Source: Buffalo Games

Players will choose which game they want to play: Pro Mode, Pop & Pass, or Pop It Blitz. Pro Mode is a single-player game with 20 levels. The bubbles will light up in randomized patterns and players must push them down as fast as they can, resetting the bubbles to move on to the next round. Each level gets progressively more difficult as more bubbles light up and players need to move quickly to push them down in time. Players can unlock more levels as they progress through the game. There is also an option to only play specific levels they’ve already unlocked.

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Pop & Pass is a multiplayer game that works similarly to Hot Potato. The bubbles will light up in a pattern that the first player will need to pop without making a mistake, reset, and pass to the next player before time runs out! This mode creates a lot of excitement as players quickly pass the game around. It also gives kids an opportunity to share their Pop It! Pro with friends and family.

Play solo in Pro Mode and Pop It Blitz, or with others in Pop & Pass mode. | Source: Buffalo Games

In Pop It Blitz, kids can compete with themselves or with others to beat their high scores by popping the bubbles as fast and as accurately as they can before time runs out. Once the game is over, the bubbles will flash the player’s score on the screen. Players can check their high score before or after playing to see how their popping skills add up!

Pop It! Pro is an easy and affordable game for kids to enjoy sensory play from the sounds, lights, and popping bubbles. It’s small size is convenient for on-the-go play and for screen-free entertainment. The fidget play and challenges are so addicting, parents might even find themselves playing with it!!

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