Chuckle & Roar Pop It! Tie Die | Source: Buffalo Games

Just keep popping!

Kids can refine their motor skills while staying entertained on the go with the Chuckle & Roar Pop It! Tie Dye from Buffalo Games. This addicting sensory toy is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Kids are still obsessing over all things tie-dye, which makes this toy all the more attractive with its fun, vibrant color scheme. The nature of the tie-dye patterns means that no two Pop It! toys will look exactly the same, which makes it extra special for kids to call their own. The Pop It! also went viral on TikTok so it has the Gen Z stamp of approval.

Chuckle & Roar Pop It! Tie Die | Source: Buffalo Games

Adults can rest easy knowing that this toy is durable and easily washable with soap. There are also no little pieces to lose, which makes it an ideal travel companion. It can easily fit in a small travel bag, a backpack, or a purse, and can entertain kids for hours during all those moments when they need to stay busy with a fidget toy. Even though kids are popping the bubbles, it’s a quiet toy for playtime that won’t drive parents crazy, even when in a small space like on a road trip. Given that it’s washable, kids can even take it into the bathtub for playtime or bring it to the pool or the beach.

For its low price of $7.99, it makes a great gift to share with others. Both its compact size and its tie-dye color scheme make it a perfect compliment for Easter baskets this April.

Older kids can enjoy it, too, with a clever two-player game recommended for kids ages 6 and up. The players’ main goal is to force their opponent to pop the last bubble. The first player will pick a single row to pop as many bubbles as they choose. The second player will then pick a different row to pop as many bubbles as they want. Players will continue taking turns until only one bubble remains and the person who gets stuck with that bubble loses the game. Rounds only take around five minutes to complete, so players can quickly start a new game with a simple flip of the “board.” The first player to win three matches is declared the winner. There’s also a more advanced set of rules if kids want more of a challenge and they can always make up their own rules, too.

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Pop It! is a simple concept and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. There is no frustrating assembly required and no expensive pieces that might get lost. It’s also a great tool for dealing with anxiety as a simple way to relieve stress. Once kids get one, they’ll find it irresistible to not just start popping away. Say goodbye to dull, old fidget spinners and get with the times with a Pop It! Tie Dye.

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