Pop2Play Indoor Slide | Source: WowWee

“Easy to assemble” is like music to a parent’s ears.

You have to be a legit carpenter to build some kid-size playsets (You know, the ones that require bolts and screws … you might as well build a house while you’re at it!), but assembling WowWee’s Pop2Play Indoor Slide is a walk in the park for instant pop-out fun.

The packaging is so flat, you’d think there’s no way it could possibly turn into a slide, but all you have to do is unfold the flat cardboard, lift a few pieces up, and pop them into place to turn any room into a playground. I am not an assemble-my-own-furniture kind of gal, but I didn’t even need to follow any directions: It was that easy. I just used my instincts to follow the folds of the cardboard and I had a fully functional, cardboard slide in less than 60 seconds.

It’s easy to pop the slide into its 3D form. | Source: WowWee

The indoor slide is made from “StrongFold” cardboard, and if you’re questioning whether cardboard will hold up during active play, the architecture is pretty impressive. There are two steps for kids to climb up, a platform at the top of the slide, and cardboard “railings” to keep kids safe as they slide down. The slide is 2 feet tall and is meant to hold up to 50 pounds, although I may or may not have gone down it myself a few times and it’s still standing strong. I know all you adults out there are going to give it a whirl, and although it’s very sturdy, keep in mind that it’s meant for kids ages 2-5. There’s a flat platform underneath the slide that will keep it steady on a carpet and can also double as a hideaway “fort” area in which kids can play to get away from their parents.

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I have the rainbow slide, featuring a cloud-and-rainbow motif with a surprising amount of details considering it’s made from cardboard. There are white speckles on the rainbow’s colored stripes that make it look like it’s glittering in the sun. The slide is also available in a sunny, nature design, featuring green grass, blue skies, flowers, plants, and friendly critters on it.

Pop2Play folds flat when kids are done playing and it’s lightweight enough to move around the house. | Source: WowWee

The cardboard is thick enough that parents can clean it with a wet paper towel or a wipe without getting it soggy whatsoever. It’s also extremely lightweight, making it easy to move around the house for a change of scenery. Parents can fold it flat to store it behind a couch, under a bed, or in a closet — something you can’t do with a regular plastic slide. A huge bonus is that it’s made entirely from eco-friendly material. Think about how many huge, plastic playsets end up in landfills each year. Pop2Play is 100% recyclable when kids outgrow it. Kids can also expand their pop-up world with other styles of Pop2Play playsets, including a blue or pink car and a kitchen/nursery combo set.

If you’re looking to add some imagination to a day of indoor play, pop out the Pop2Play for an instant playground at home.

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