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Help your toddler bloom with Poppy the Count & Stack Flower Pot! This adorable hands-on toy from Learning Resources helps babies ages 18 months and up to flourish in various early skill areas.

The toy comes with a three-piece flower pot made up of a handle, a removable soil top, and the pot itself (which is decorated with a simple — but sweet — smiling face). It also includes six stems and six colorful, numbered flowers. The flowers are labeled with the numbers 1-5, with a bee on the sixth. Toddlers can slide the flowers into the stems and put them into holes in the soil top to create a floral display. Then, they can dump the flowers out of the pot or remove them one by one to start all over again. 

Poppy full of the colorful flowers | Source: Learning Resources

Connecting the flowers with their stems and the flower pot helps kids build their fine motor skills — such as spatial reasoning, hand strength, and hand-eye coordination — and improve their ability to use both hands in play.

Poppy also comes with an activity guide that adults can use to guide kids through educational play experiences. Parents can help kids build color identification skills by asking their toddlers to name the flower colors or to pick up a certain flower color. The numbered flowers also help kids work on number identification and learn how to put numbers in order. For example, parents can encourage their little ones to pick up flowers 5 and 3 and place them in the pot.

The interactive flower pot is also buzzing with possibilities for games using the bee flower. Parents can take the bee flower and place it on an object in the room that is the same color as one of the other flowers. Then, ask kids to find the bee and pick the flower color that matches the object the bee was resting on. 

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Parents will appreciate the easy clean-up and storage, too. Simply remove the top of the pot and place the flowers and stems inside before closing it up. The durable carrying handle makes it effortless to transport for on-the-go play. 

This simple and engaging toy has so many open-ended play possibilities. It’s educational but totally tech-free for a classic, unplugged play experience. With Poppy as a friend, kids will blossom into colorful thinkers!

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