Hasbro has adapted three of its most popular games for preschoolers! | Source: Hasbro

Some of Hasbro’s most classic board games can be hard for young kids to understand. Three of those games — Clue, Twister, and Monopoly — are getting a preschool-friendly makeover using easy-to-understand concepts and adaptable gameplay. 

Clue Junior is designed for kids ages 4 and up and has two levels of puzzle-solving fun. On one side of the board, kids must team up and figure out who took an item that wasn’t theirs off the playground and what that item is. The first side uses seek-and-find tiles that players must explore together to find clues. On the other side, a student poured something mysterious into the classroom volcano, causing it to explode! Level two is more like classic Clue: Kids can go from room to room and get hints to put together to find the right answer. Buy it here

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Twister Junior focuses on color recognition, matching, and animal recognition before moving on to movement and balance. Level one — Animal Safari — takes kids on an adventure as they spin the wheel to find out what color and animal they will land on. When kids land on the right color and animal, they can recreate animal noises and movements. Whoever gets to the end first wins! Level two — Animal Party — encourages movement, just like the original game! Kids must flip over the spinner from level one and spin to find out which animal or color they have to put their hand or foot on. Buy it here.

Monopoly Discover has two levels (left to right): Level One and Level Two. | Source: Hasbro

Finally, Monopoly Discover helps kids develop money management skills in two different stages. Level one is designed for kids ages 4-5 and focuses on counting and matching, while level two focuses on math and reading skills for kids ages 6 and up. Each level of Monopoly Discover has its own set of money, rules, and properties to collect! Buy it here.

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All three of these new games are available at major retailers for $17.99. Hasbro’s latest games make classic games more accessible family game night with younger kids. Let the competitions commence!

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