Professor Ryan’s S.T.E.M. Mystery Egg | Source: The Toy Insider

Ryan’s World is a staple in many households and now kids can get toys featuring their favorite YouTuber delivered straight to their doorstep with the Ryan’s World Surprise Subscription from!

Subscribers will receive a limited-edition Ryan’s World toy and activity set either every three months, six months, or once a year, depending on the subscription frequency they choose. The toys included in each subscription box are not sold in stores, so subscribers are getting a special Ryan’s World package that they can’t find anywhere else. is kicking off the very first subscription box with Professor Ryan’s S.T.E.M. Mystery Egg from Bonkers Toys, recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

The jumbo, plastic egg is loaded with all of Ryan’s favorite DIY STEM experiments that kids can take part in just like Ryan does on his YouTube channel. Half of the fun is in the unboxing experience, as kids unwrap the mystery egg to reveal nine blind bags of various sizes inside.

Even before kids open the packages, the excitement builds as they feel the different textures and try to guess what’s inside each bag. Some of the bags feel like they contain action figures, a few of them feel kind of squishy, one of them feels like it’s filled with some kind of sandy substance, and the rest of them are a complete mystery — full of shapes and textures that add a sensory element to the unboxing experience. Once kids actually open everything, they’ll find two Ryan’s World figures (one is solid, the other is squishy, and both glow in the dark), a “dig it” brick with a tool to break it open, and tons of lab equipment and accessories that they can use to complete three DIY experiments: making glow-in-the-dark goo, coloring and molding putty, and making their own bouncy balls.

Each Ryan’s World subscription box includes exclusive Ryan’s World Figures along with fun toys like this glow-in-the-dark goo. | Source: The Toy Insider

The experiments are age-appropriate and kids will have a blast turning their house into a science lab as they measure out powders and crystals into the included beakers and molds, customize colors with the included dye bottles, and get hands-on with the tactile projects. There are multiple packets of ingredients so kids can do the projects more than once, creating bouncy balls in different sizes and colors, mixing different combinations of goo, and molding the putty into different creations. The glow-in-the-dark goo stays goopy if stored properly in its container, while the super-squishy putty will eventually harden after kids mold it into their desired shapes. Creating the bouncing balls was my favorite activity because it’s something you don’t see as often in DIY toys.

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Kids will stay entertained for hours, days, or even weeks with all of the different projects. To get even more value out of the Ryan’s World Surprise Subscription boxes, subscribers will also receive a free, 80-page coloring book and access to a free month of the Ryan’s Lab app included in their shipment. The coloring book features familiar Ryan’s World characters and activities such as matching games, word unscrambles, drawing prompts, tic tac toe grids, mazes, and more.

The Ryan’s World Surprise Subscription Boxes are available for $43.99 per box with a quarterly plan, $41.99 per box with a biannual plan, or $39.99 with an annual plan. The S.T.E.M. Egg is also available for purchase on for $49.99 without a subscription.

Instead of just watching Ryan from the sidelines, kids can participate in all of his favorite activities with Professor Ryan’s S.T.E.M. Egg and more activity sets to come in the future Surprise Subscription Boxes!

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