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You’ve probably heard of famous races like the Monaco Grand Prix and who could forget the infamous victory of the tortoise over the hare? Races are some of the most exciting events that practically anyone can enjoy, from pro drag racers and track and field runners to even — hedgehogs! 

Racing Hedgehogs is FoxMind‘s new thought-provoking game for families with young kids to enjoy. Who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of adorable hedgehogs going for the gold? What sets this game apart from other tabletop activities is the engaging (yet simple), math-heavy mechanics. 

The box set comes with a gameboard depicting a miniature racing track in an open field and four 3D hedgehog figurines for players to race. There are numbers on each step of the track ranging from 0-3. Players ages 6 and up are given a set of color-coded cards and the race is on!

The mechanics of the game are quite simple. Players must move the hedgehogs throughout the track depending on the number of steps indicated on their cards. For example, if a player throws down a card with a Yellow-One Step card, they can move the yellow hedgehog one step. The Joker card allows players the advantage to move any of the colored hedgehogs of their choice. In this game, all pieces are up for grabs — as apposed to games like Monopoly where a player is designated to one piece.

Kids can practice simple math skills as they play. | Source: FoxMind

Once a hedgehog has made it to the end of the track, it’s time to calculate the score based on the cards left in players’ hands and the hedgehog’s placement on the map. For instance, if you ended the game with two red cards and the red hedgehog finished on a step with the number two, you’d have a closing score of four points. Getting to the end of the map gives players a super-high advantage since the last step is worth three bonus points.  

Cards and Hedgehog Figures | Source: FoxMind

You’d think that this much preemptive thinking and math would bog the game down to something as bland for kids as a round of Sudoku. But, believe it or not, the amount of brain power needed to play this game actually amps up the fun with a well-planned strategy. Though, one thing that could make the gameplay more dynamic would be if the course had multiple directions. As it is, the gameboard only has a single track, but if there were multiple lanes or even a special cutaway toward the end, the game would be all the more fun. 

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This game has fast paces and high stakes — almost like watching a drag racer inching closer and closer to the finish line. If you have young kids at home and you’re looking to bring a speedy dose of excitement to your next family game night, then it’s time to race some hedgehogs!

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