Six new characters join the Rainbow High Fashion Dolls collection. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Imagine a world where everyone shows off their differences just as much as they show off their style. The Rainbow High characters do just that, proving that we should all embrace our true selves and let our personalities shine as bright as our outfits. There are six new characters joining the Spring ‘23 line of Rainbow High Fashion Dolls from MGA Entertainment, each with their own color scheme and fashionably fierce attitude.

The articulated dolls are full of fresh details. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the 11-inch dolls represent even more shades of the rainbow. The new dolls joining the Spring ’23 collection include Michelle St. Charles (orange), Priscilla Perez (bright pink), Victoria Whitman (light pink), Olivia Woods (camo green), Kim Nguyen (denim blue), and Aidan Russell (silvery purple). Each doll comes with a trendy outfit; shoes; hangars; a comb; a doll stand; and various accessories for role playing, such as hair dryers, sewing machines, makeup brushes, cell phones, laptops, earbuds, sunglasses, and more.

The details are the best part, with sewn fashions that will make your own closet jealous, like Kim’s spliced denim/leather jacket, Michelle’s translucent jacket, and the pearl studs dotting Victoria’s ruffles. Some of the characters have long, manicured nails, while others keep them short and sweet. They also have realistic glass eyes; long eyelashes; and thick, brushable hair (you just have to wash the hair to remove the styling gel first).

Fans may also be familiar with the animated Rainbow High series on Netflix and YouTube. These new dolls embrace the brand’s messaging that kids should be proud to let their true colors shine. They feature a variety of skin tones and include a boy doll named Aidan. Victoria also joins the squad as the first Rainbow High doll with head-to-toe freckles.

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The dolls are fully articulated in their head, arms, hands, and legs, making it easy to dress them, add the accessories, pose them, or just display them on the doll stand. They are sold separately and if kids get them all and line them up, they make up a rainbow full of bold colors and fashion choices.

The Spring ’23 line of Rainbow High Fashion Dolls will have every kid dreaming that they can be friends with this bright bunch, while inspiring them to embrace their differences with pizzazz.

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