Kids can let their true colors shine with a new video game from MGA Entertainment and Outright Games, Rainbow High: Runway Rush, inspired by the Netflix and YouTube series Rainbow High. In this puzzle adventure game that focuses on all things art and creativity, fans can step into the colorful, immersive school environment and have fun with their favorite characters.

Kids can choose to play as each of the six main characters — Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, and Violet — as they tackle a new creative contest at their school. They have to work together to show their artistic flair and create a standout idea for their first assignment with the theme “Everything is Art.” The team with the best idea will be awarded a chance to plan a major project for the Creative Spring Challenge. Players can utilize each character’s specific skills, such as Sunny’s illustration techniques and Skyler’s fashion design, to complete puzzles and help their classmates.

The game will feature multiple interactive locations that kids are familiar with from the series. Gamers can play as Sunny and find everything she needs for the day in her bedroom, as Ruby to prepare croissants in the Rainbow Union, or as Skyler to design and make an outfit. In addition to the main story mode, players will be able to take on a series of quests, play mini games, and find collectibles to level up their characters and unlock outfits.

Rainbow High: Runway Rush will launch this fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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