If Cornhole or Spikeball are go-to backyard games for your family, then RampShot Bounce might be your next summer staple.

As someone who would rather not intentionally break a sweat, especially on a hot summer day or at a barbeque, I have to say this yard game is a winner in my book. The game is very similar to classic Cornhole — with a twist — and the bouncy balls make it great for crowds and players of all ages because if you want to make it a more physically active game, you can!

The cool thing about RampShot Bounce is that both teammates are involved in the play every time, so there’s no sitting out for your partner’s turn or waiting on the sidelines.

The game comes with two boards and two balls. | Source: RampShot

The game comes with two boards and two bouncy balls about the size of tennis balls. They are bright yellow so you can easily find them in the grass and they are soft to ensure no one gets hurt.  

Assemble the boards in a few quick seconds, place them 10-15 feet apart, grab four players (two versus two), and you are ready to play. Teammates stand on opposite sides of the play area and work together to score points by both tossing and catching the balls. One teammate stands behind the board and tosses two balls toward the opposite board. Their partner stands behind their own board attempting to catch any ball that bounces off the board. After both partners complete two tosses each, the balls are passed to the opposing team.

If the ball is shot directly into the goal, you are awarded three points. If your teammate catches the ball after it bounces off the board, you earn one point. Essentially, the game can be very competitive for skilled players while on the other hand, someone who lacks throwing skills can still enjoy the catch portion, and vice versa. The first team to earn 15 points wins. 

The boards are designed with grooves on top to create unpredictable bounces and lots of excitement. Kids can work on their reflexes, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills in this highly-interactive game. It also promotes teamwork because your partner actually has a chance to assist you during your turn by catching on the other end. 

Players can decide how best to position themselves and which angles are best for tossing so that if they miss, their partner can still snag a point for the team. Younger kids can play with the boards closer together and kids who want more of a challenge can place the boards further apart.

RampShot Bounce is fun for all ages. | Source: RampShot

You can even have fun deciding on “house rules” that aren’t specified in the instructions. For example, is a point awarded when the ball bounces first before reaching the board? You decide! There is even an opportunity for the other team to “steal” an extra turn if they catch your partner’s toss. The full, in-depth instructions can be downloaded after scanning the included QR code. 

All in all, RampShot Bounce is durable, portable, lightweight, and weather resistant so you can take it to the beach and not worry about it breaking or getting wet. The set includes a convenient storage bag for the quick-connect legs and balls. If you want to store the boards with the rest of the pieces, you’ll have to find a bigger storage bag, but they are durable and easy to carry on their own. 

RampShot Bounce’s flexibility makes it an outdoor game that is truly fun for anyone.


Four-player outdoor game for all ages that utilizes two boards and two bouncy balls. Two players work together to score points by both tossing and catching.

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