Dinosaurs in Space, Space Construction, and Jungle Journey Escape Kids Puzzles | Source: Ravensburger/the Toy Insider

Puzzling has always been popular, but it skyrocketed to a favorite screen-free activity over the past year during the pandemic.

Ravensburger is riding this wave of puzzle popularity with an extensive line of puzzles for kids to enjoy this spring. From Dinosaurs in Space to Pet School Pals, as well as imaginative escape room puzzles, there are so many opportunities for kids ages 4-9 years old to have a jammin’ jigsaw fest at home!

The image mashup line features a variety of fantastical, out-of-this-world crossover puzzles that kids can piece together. The Dinosaurs in Space puzzle is a 200-piece set that shows off Tina the Triceratops, Rex the T.rex, and Geoffrey the Giraffatitan in colorful spacesuits, jetting through the cosmos.

Pet School Pals Puzzle | Source: Ravensburger

The Space Construction puzzle rounds out at 60 pieces and features a different galactic twist with a cast of mechanical and construction robots building a colony on Mars. The Pet School Pals puzzle brings the mashup line back down to Earth with a 150-piece crew of occupational furry friends decorated around a school bus, including a pooch professor and a cab-driving German Shepherd.

Ravensburger is putting a kid-friendly twist on its Escape Puzzle series with 368-piece, themed puzzles. Kids can discover the secrets of jungles and amusement parks piece-by-piece. Its riddles, clues, and images make for brain-blasting fun and a uniquely immersive, interactive jigsaw experience.

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Both the Dinosaurs in Space and Space Construction puzzles are priced at $12.49 each, while the Pet School Pals puzzle is priced at $13.99. All three image mashup sets are currently available on Amazon and ravensburger.us. The escape puzzles will be available on Amazon later in May.

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