Ravensburger’s puzzles are known for their gorgeous designs and quality materials. For Earth Day this year, they’re getting an upgrade.

The puzzle company is debuting its first line of sustainable wooden puzzles. The puzzles are designed using ethically sourced wood and have limited plastic packaging so kids and families can feel good about the environment as they puzzle nature scenes and animal designs together. 

So far, there are six nature-themed puzzles in the collection. Nature Garden, Jungle Tiger, Under the Sea, and Fantasy Forest are traditional rectangular puzzles, but the collection also features two unique puzzles. The Mysterious Owl and Colorful Fox puzzles are shaped into the form of an animal rather than a typical rectangle or square, with a white border around them. 

The puzzle pieces are thicker than normal puzzle pieces, making sure they are extra sturdy so that kids can remake the puzzle over and over again. The new wooden puzzles are available in 150 and 500 counts (designed for kids ages 10 and up, and 14 and up, respectively) and feature unique pieces called Whimsies. Whimsies are cut into shapes that represent the theme of the puzzle. For example, the Under the Sea puzzle may feature a fish-shaped Whimsie. 

The 150-piece puzzles are available for $29.99 and the 500-piece puzzles are available for $49.99 at specialty retailers across the country. They will also be available on Amazon in the fall.

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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