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International Women’s Day is coming up and the best way to empower the little ladies in your life is by showing them the awesome accomplishments of other women!

Rebel Girls, the global entertainment brand and curator of the Good Night Stories book and podcast series, is hosting a free virtual event on March 7 from noon to 1 p.m. EST. This event is a well-rounded, interactive experience complete with fun activities, from dance performances to science experiments and — most importantly — guest speeches from esteemed women.

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Marley Dias — a young author, social justice activist, and writer — will host the hour-long Rebel Girls Fest: Adventure Awaits. The dance troupe “Let it Happen” will virtually boogie it up with kids in their living rooms. Champion surfer Maya Gabeira will bring the beach indoors as she teaches kids how to catch waves. Inventor Ann Makosinski will help kids create a fun scientific experiment and actress Eris Baker will join to help kids channel their inner artists. Last but not least, Melinda Gates will make an appearance to deliver a special, inspiring message of confidence to Rebel Girls.

Sign up for Rebel Girls Fest: Adventure Awaits here, and channel that inner girl power!

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