Recycle Rally teaches kids which objects are important to recycle. | Source: Adventerra Games

Talking trash is usually frowned upon, but the Recycle Rally board game encourages it!

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this STEM board game from Adventerra Games teaches up to five kids how to save and recycle plastic, glass, metal, and other materials. Recycle Rally first came out in 2020, and has now been revamped for a wider age range with easier rules and faster gameplay. For example, now each object has a number of points kids can earn when they recycle their stuff at the recycling center. Some items are worth more than others to show how important recycling some items is!

Recycle Rally is all about kids cleaning up their community. During the game, kids collect recyclable materials in their truck. There are 45 different objects, including batteries, paper, and buckets of paint, so each kid has a fighting chance of winning, but there can’t be a tie. When they turn in all of their recyclable goodies, kids get an “Adventerra Points” disc that helps them keep track of all their points. When the game is done, whichever eco-friendly player has the most points, wins! 

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Not only does Recycle Rally teach kids the importance of recycling, Adventerra Games also makes the plastic-free game out of completely recycled wood or cardboard. Recycle Rally is available for $29.99 at, Amazon, and other retailers. When kids play Recycle Rally, they will find that saving the planet is more exciting than ever!

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