Ricky Zoom is ready for his close-up in the “Starring Ricky” episode of Ricky Zoom Let’s Zoom Out. | Source: eOne

Dear every parent,

Would you like a foolproof way to keep your kids totally engaged for two hours? Enter: Ricky Zoom Let’s Zoom Out from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Ricky Zoom follows the adventures of spunky motorbike Ricky and his Bike Buddies as they zip around their two-wheeled town to go on rescue missions and, of course, learn speedy stunts. The series from Entertainment One is now streaming on Netflix!

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This DVD features 10 engaging and immersive episodes that will take kids right to the fictional town of Wheelford. The whole Ricky Zoom gang makes appearances throughout the episodes, including Ricky himself; the Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio, and DJ; family members Toot, Hank, and Helen; hero Steel Awesome; and more.

Ricky Zoom Let’s Zoom Out is available at Amazon and Walmart. | Source: eOne

Ricky is an ambitious speedster, so I love how the episodes in this series focus on themes that keep him grounded like the importance of family, sharing the spotlight, being inclusive of others, following the rules, and more. For me, the standout was the Halloween-themed episode — appropriately titled Wheelo-ween — which features the characters in adorable costumes while they try to find the ghost bike who is stealing all of the candy!

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The total run time from start to finish is about 117 minutes, but I have a feeling that kids will be going back to rewatch their favorite episodes over and over again.

And, if your kids want to wheely take their play to the next level, you should check out all of the zoomtastic Ricky Zoom toys out right now, including vehicles that stand on their own, playsets, and remote-control versions of Ricky. Read more about them here and here!

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits with Ricky Zoom Let’s Zoom Out! 

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