It’s time to talk ATR (All Things Roblox).

Earlier this spring, Jazwares launched its Roblox Imagination line of toys based on popular virtual characters created by members of the Roblox community.

These new figures are inspired by Roblox online avatars Crystello the Crystal God, Digital Artist, Noob Attack — Mech Mobility, and Lucky Gatito. Each Jazwares collectible depicts one of these impressive avatars IRL in the form of 4-inch-tall articulated figures that closely resemble what kids would see online in the popular online game.

Each Imagination package comes with a figure, two accessories, a collector’s checklist, and an exclusive virtual code that lets kids unlock a unique object in the digital game. Each collectible character has multiple points of articulation, so kids can move and swivel its head, arms, hands, legs, feet, and torso to set different poses. These mini-figures are able to stand in place on their own without anything to prop them up, which will make kids’ Robloxian scenes all the more impressive.

ZOMG, meet the new Roblox squad below:

  • Crystello the Crystal God, designed by Roblox user Maiahz, features a body of crystals that are shrouded in mystery. His divine powers strike fear into his forceful opponents.
  • Bunpunk’s Digital Artist embodies the spirit of a futuristic street artist. While her identity remains a mystery, her vibrant artwork uses the entire digital world as a canvas.
  • Meow! Lucky Gatito, designed by roxy123412, travels across the Roblox land bestowing good fortune on other Robloxians who cross its path. This friendly feline is inspired by Japanese folklore.
  • It’s a noob attack! With Noob Attack — Mech Mobility, created by whimy, this bot is suiting up for battle in his armored mech suit, complete with a laser blaster.

With these four new collectibles (each sold separately), kids can create new worlds and adventures for these avatars and replicate their favorite online stories IRL.

GTG, time to play!

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Miranda Siwak

Miranda Siwak

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