Kids can step into a Mars survival suit in this new ‘Roblox’ experience. | Source: Business Wire

A space mission to Mars requires a ton of training, but you have to start somewhere! The Museum of Science, Boston has created its first immersive, educational experience on Roblox with a Mission: Mars.

Developed with Filament Games, Mission: Mars is a 3D experience that shows users what it’s like to step into a Mars survival suit, drive a Mars Rover, and — as the name suggests — complete missions on another planet. Kids can take part in the Engineering Design Process as they help their team in level-based missions to discover past evidence of water, collect samples of water ice, and rescue other explorers from harrowing situations. They can also design vehicles to help them in their missions, earning experience points and rewards as they play.

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The Museum of Science received $10 million from the Roblox Community Fund last November and is the first recipient to launch its experience since the fund was developed to launch innovative learning experiences. The gameplay mechanics and environment in Mission: Mars are based on real scientific principles and powered by real-life data that NASA collected on Mars.

Mission: Mars will also feature instructional materials and supplemental support that teachers can use with students for engineering and science education. The materials are designed to highlight the engineering design process found in the game’s missions through engineering discussion guides, link gameplay to Next Generation Science Standards and EiE Habits of Mind, and more.

Do your kids have what it takes to survive on Mars? Find out by downloading Mission: Mars on Roblox.

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