R/C Rock ‘n Rollerskaters Lightning Luna and Rainbow Riley | Source: Jakks Pacific/The Toy Insider

Lightning Luna is not your average roller skater — she lights up with each step, spins effortlessly, and can hit a split on command! Jakks Pacific is bringing the spirit of the American pastime of going to the local roller rink on Friday nights to kids’ playrooms in a colorful, adorable package with the new R/C Rock n’ Rollerskate dolls.

Kids ages 5 and up can make each doll dance or skate using the included boombox-shaped remote control. Lightning Luna and Rainbow Riley (sold separately) can each perform tricks to the rhythm of fun, upbeat jams that kids can play through the remote. Kids can even watch the 10.5-inch skating dolls perform a split or do a complete 360-degree spin with the press of a button. Whenever Luna or Riley are moving, the lights from their skate wheels also flash like strobe lights, making it feel like a party at all times!

Luna and Riley are also both decked out with fun, colorful details. Luna’s glittery, hot-pink helmet complements her pink and silver metallic skates, especially under the rainbow lights that flash whenever her music is playing. Her rainbow-themed outfit goes perfectly with her bestie Riley’s star-studded, fashion-forward skating look.

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One tip for getting the Rock n’ Rollerskate action started: Be sure to remove the wire that connects the skate and the remote control when Luna or Riley first comes out of the box. (That wire is meant for the in-box demo only.) Once you remove that wire, kids can control the skating stars wirelessly, and it’s amazing to see them go! They’re also super easy to take on the go and roll great on any smooth, indoor surface.

Rainbow Riley and Lightning Luna light up any floor and come with everything kids need to have an exciting skating sesh. For kids who love music, fashion, and action, the R/C Rock n’ Rollerskaters are the perfect addition to their toy collection.


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