The competition pack (pictured above) is available exclusively at Walmart and includes downloadable in-game content. | Source: Psyonix/ Funrise/The Toy Insider

Strap in and get ready to play Rocket League IRL with these epic R/C toys that bring the game to the real world.

Psyonix, developers of the vehicular soccer video game Rocket League, is partnering with Funrise on a line of remote-controlled and fully customizable Rocket League replica cars for kids ages 5 and up.

The collection includes the Rocket League Micro RC, the Rocket League Custom Racer RC, the Rocket League ZSR Smoke RC, the Rocket League Blast Racer, and the Rocket League Micro RC Competition Pack. 

Check out the new R/C cars in action! | Source: Psyonix/Funrise

The Rocket League Micro RC is an approximately 3-inch-long R/C vehicle that features lights, quick acceleration, a goal, a game ball, and a controller that kids can use to store and charge the vehicles. Kids can choose from any of the four models to add an epic Rocket League replica to their collection. For those who prefer a larger car, the Rocket League Custom Racer RC vehicles are 8 inches long and can be customized in endless ways with the included decal sheet, rims, and antenna toppers.

The Rocket League Light Blast Racer features working headlights and taillights. | Source: Psyonix/Funrise

Kids can really get going with the Rocket League ZSR Smoke RC, an 11-inch vehicle with six channels, an illuminated smoke boost option, and LED under-glow lighting. The 9-inch Rocket League Light Blast Racer is a Walmart exclusive that features working headlights and taillights; flashing lights; light-up toppers; and translucent, interchangeable wheel covers. It includes downloadable in-game content that players can use to customize their vehicles in the Rocket League video game.

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Embrace the competitive edge of the video game with the Rocket League Micro RC Competition Pack, which features two fully functional R/C cars with functional lights, two goals, a game ball, and two game ball controllers. The competition pack is also available exclusively at Walmart and includes downloadable in-game content. 

Take the video game off-screen with this epic portable collection that will delight any Rocket League fan, available now at major retailers, aside from the Walmart exclusives.

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