Players will need to apply heat to the cube to reveal the colors — but this is part of the challenge! | Source: Spin Master

Calling all Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts: If you think you’ve finally mastered the Rubik’s Cube, get ready to test your skills with Rubik’s Phantom!

Spin Master‘s Rubik’s Phantom is the same size and shape as the original Rubik’s Cube, but with a tricky twist. The cube appears entirely black, and players ages 8 and up must warm it up with their hands first to reveal the color of each square on the cube. Players must then attempt to solve the cube before the colors fade to black again!

Revealing the colors is definitely part of the challenge. Because players will need to apply heat to the cube for the colors to emerge from underneath the black “phantom” effect, it helps to warm your hands up first, either by rubbing them together or running them under warm water. You may have to fiddle with the cube for a few minutes before you see the colors, which are almost identical to the colors of a regular Rubik’s Cube. However, once you can clearly see the colors on each part of the cube, you’re ready to solve it. Kids will definitely have to get creative when figuring out how to warm up the cube, but that’s part of the fun!

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Kids should try to solve it as fast as they can because the colors don’t show for long! To keep the colors on longer and give yourself a little more time to solve it, hold the cube tightly in your hands every few seconds. To step up the challenge, players can attempt to memorize where the different colors are on the cube, and even try to solve it once the colors fade! The game’s time constraint and fast-fading colors definitely make it more fun to play with friends. Players can try their hand at the cube, and see who completes it in the shortest amount of time. Kids can also pass the cube around with friends and try to solve it together.

Spin Master‘s Rubik’s Phantom only costs $14.89, an affordable price for the endless use kids get out of the game. It makes for an exciting activity to play with friends and family, is great for on-the-go play, and offers a novel new take on a toy that so many know and love.

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