Each RuffHouse playset combines slides, swings, and climbing into one fun package! | Source: RuffHouse

With spring and summer just around the corner, kids can’t wait to get outside and use all their pent-up energy. This year, they can romp the warm months away in RuffHouse Play Systems backyard playsets.

The RuffHouse playsets are made out of vinyl, so they are durable, paint-free, and, best of all, weatherproof. The vinyl is designed to stay cool to the touch, so kids won’t burn their hands and feet while climbing during the hot summer months. 

RuffHouse has eight different designs for the backyard playsets that feature swings, slides, rock climbing walls, and more, with prices starting at $4,950. Each design has a standard layout, but you can also change how the design is laid out, change accent colors, and choose which swings you want to add. If you’re looking for something extra fancy to add on, Ruffhouse offers mist systems, battery-powered LED lights, steering wheels, telescopes, picnic tables, and playhouses. 

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Adults who are good with DIY and construction can build the set on their own, but RuffHouse also works with installers and designers who can help with the building process. RuffHouse’s backyard playsets are great for encouraging kids to get outside more. After all, who wouldn’t want their own playground in the backyard?

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